Archive for October, 2009

Photoshoot for Fashion Fun Magazine by photographer Khuong Nguyen in collaboration with The Creative Sweatshop.

14K Goldplated Staples designed by oooms.

Face to Face Conference Poster.
Designed by Justus Oehler for the Marlene Dietrich collection at the Deutsche Kinemathek, 2009

One A Day Calendar by Dominic Wilcox. A calendar made with cod liver oil tablets. Pop out a tablet every day for a healthy life.

Lego kitchen by Parisian designers Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti. An Ikea Kitchen Island covered with more than 20,000 LEGO pieces.

Audiovox EarBudeez Packaging

Packaging for Brooks Brothers. Black Fleece, designed by Established.

Alex Katz Paintings and Prints.

Custom paper cuts from Julene

Packaging design for a candy shop in Barcelona called Happy Pills. Designed by Marion Donneweg

Designing Obama from mas / menos on Vimeo.

A new book entitled Designing Obama will showcase works from artists who contributed to the historic 2008 presidential campaign.

Photographs by Irving Penn

Illustrations by Jonas Bergstrand

Metro Station Drassanes, Barcelona. Redesigned by Eduardo Gutiérrez Munné and Jordi Fernández Río.

Chopsticks Plus: Designed by Aïssa Logerot

Editorial photography by Honer Akrawi

Stackable LEGO USB hubs available only from Korean retailer DCX for 15,920 KRW ($12 USD).

2016 Olympic Logos…Congratulations Brazil!
1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Designed by Ana Soter.
2. Madrid, Spain. Designed by Joaquín Malle.
3. Tokyo, Japan. Designed by Kenji Ekuan of GK Design Group.
4. Chicago, USA. Designed by VSA Partners

Marmite Ads by DDB London, UK.

Off-Air TV Dinner Plate