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Wouldn’t it be nice? by Daniel DeSure.
LED light wall with programmed text scrolling through.

Paris Je T’aime posters

Public Embroidery by Ulrika Erdes

Poster for General Dynamics from the Atoms for Peace series by swiss-born modernist graphic designer Erik Nitsche.

Ryohin Keikaku’s (MUJI) Window House

Fork by Herbert Leupin Bell, 1954.

Book City Jackets by Jeremy Schwartz.

New ads for PUMA Archive for Foot Locker.

Milk carton redesign from New York designer David Fung

ABOVE: Kubrick for Look Magazine, Late 1940s. Self Portrait.
BELOW: Still from Last Year at Marienbad,1961

Creative Paper Napkins – Collection of unusual and creative paper napkins from all over the world.
1. Keyboard Napkin by Valentin Engler,
Marius Morger and Daniel Grolimund.
2. Graphkin Napkins by Colin O’Dowd
(available at the Design Museum shop)
3. Napkin Notebook by Euro RSCG Worldwide
(available at the MoMA store)
4. Dress for Dinner Napkins
(available at The Spoon Sisters)

4 stroke Jeans and Theodora Richards.
Premium denim label 4 Stroke Jeans partnered with Rolling Stones offspring Theodora Richards to produce a range of denim.

When the glasses are in the tray, the eye chart appears in focus. When the glasses are removed, it appears blurry. Concept by Fiona Carswell for an eyeglass tray using thermochromatic ink and a pressure sensor.

“Intelligencer” for New York Magazine by Cristiana Couceiro.

Scanwiches is a site dedicated to scanned Sandwiches

Schwarzkopf Professional by DesignBridge, Amsterdam.

Vintage Canada Dry, Mexican Ad

Relief Chair by Mickus Project featured in ‘Fashioning Felt’ Exhibition at Smithsonian’s Cooper Hewitt Design Museum

Proposed flagship store for Louis Vuitton in Japan by Unstudio

David Stark for West Elm.
West Elm celebrated the opening of its newest Manhattan shop by hosting a silent auction of one-of-a-kind furniture and objects created by David Stark using recycled west elm packing materials.

Love in the afternoon by Saul Bass

Bocci pendant lamps

Flat Bulb by Joonhyun Kim