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Wine bottle by Wallace Church

Urban Outfitters by Mike Perry

Pantone coffee mugs to match your coffee to the desired color after combining milk.

Bilbao Tote by Issey Miyake

Stephen Sprouse

Batman, Legends of The Dark Knight Cover
DC Comics

Promotion for Greenford Printing. These small Panettone cakes featured special dates from Christmas Eve to New Years Day, each one representing a different pantone color. Designed by Purpose.

Coralie Bickford-Smith covers for a special Penguin collection

Supersized Helvetica—9 a.m. arrival, lunch at noon, out the door
by 5—Swedish firm BVD’s new Klocka clock

Vintage Vera Neumann napkin design.

Stockholm Subway

The location for a tutoring center was zoned as “retail”, owner Dave
Eggers decided to set up a Pirate Supply Shop for the kids.
Designed by Office

Lesslamp, designed by Jordi Canudas
Hanging light with a ceramic shade you customize yourself with a small pickaxe

Packaging for banana juice
Designed by product designer Naoto Fukasawa.

Knoll Poster, 1966 Massimo Vignelli

Hong Kong Company Logotype.
Mix of Western typography with Eastern imagery.

Assouline and Cole Haan’s leather bag: Didot Embossed

Leandro Erlich
Swimming Pool, 2004
masonry, swimming pool ladder, laminated glass and water
Photo: Matthew Septimus.
P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center

Yulia Brodskaya – Paper Form Lettering

Renan Molin Poster

Lance Wyman Poster

Reza Abedini Posters
Graphic designer and typographer, professor at Tehran University

Project 365, Just a Minute, by kozumel

Penguin Cover Re-designed